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woman with cystic acne

The Modern Nutritionist Specializes in Treating Stubborn Acne by Optimizing Gut Health

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Acne + Hello to Healed Skin

  • Acne affects nearly 50 million people each year

  • Adolescents and young adults are primarily affected

  • Acne can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe

  • Unfortunately, a person's self-esteem can be greatly impacted by acne

  • In some indigenous tribes, there is no word for 'acne' because it is not common!

Gut Health is...

Skin Health
Mental Health
Hormone Health

How We Treat Acne + Other Skin Conditions

Clean the Gut + Diet

If the gut isn't healthy, your skin isn't healthy. Period. Understand the current health status of your gut using advanced stool testing. Your nutritionist will work with you to understand patterns + to customize a treatment plan.


Stress contributes towards excess sebum production, causing clogged and inflamed pores which makes breakouts more likely. Learn practical strategies to leverage stress to work in your life.

Encourage Microbial Diversity

Certain keystone species such as Akkermansia muciniphilia or Faecalibacterium prausnitzii are beneficial to overall gut health and skin health. Our team works with each individual to create a strategy to increase microbial diversity.


Sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen play a pivotal role in skin integrity. Cortisol, the well known stress hormone, can also wreak havoc on the skin. Understanding the complex relationship between all of these hormones is crucial to cracking the code to healthy skin.


Our practitioners understand that dealing with chronic skin conditions like acne can wreck your self-confidence. Each visit is tailored to meet you where you are and to educate and encourage you every step of the way.

Set Up a Call to Book Your Complete Acne Package

Bri created The Modern Skin Clinic because she spent years and $1,000s on her acne care without any impressive results. By utilizing her degree in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition, Bri combines her decade-long experience of working with 1,000s of patients to bring you a comprehensive, proven approach to skin health. Bri believes that clear skin is possible through her CLEAN Method and that you will be able to restore your confidence again! Because when you feel and look good, you do good.

"I really enjoy working with Bri! She is a knowledgeable and friendly acne health specialist. She is incredibly passionate about what she does, and is great at answering questions along the way. Would recommend for sure!"


"I found Bri when I was just about to give up on my skincare. I had gotten to the point where I had tried everything and spent close to $5,000 trying to figure out why I had painful, cystic acne. It wasn't until I met Bri and went through her CLEAN method that I REALLY started seeing results. My skin became less inflamed and I noticed fewer breakouts after just 2 months of working with her. I'm excited to see where the next few months brings me! Thank you so much!!"

— Cece

"I have absolutely loved my time with Brianna! We have only been working together for one month & I already feel so much better than I have in over a year. She is very knowledgeable & gives me so many different recommendations, it's hard to NOT find things you can adjust/ incorporate in your life."

— Angelica

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