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Massage Therapy Services You Can Get in Bourbonnais, IL

Massage therapists everywhere were hit hard when the Covid-19 pandemic started back in March 2020. Even today, I have heard that businesses haven't fully welcomed back their normal volume of clientele.

In Bourbonnais, Illinois, there are several small, local massage businesses that you can receive services from. This blog is an attempt to describe each type of massage therapy services that are offered in our area.

Common Types of Massage Therapy offered in Bourbonnais, Illinois

  1. Relaxation/Swedish Massage

  • This is probably the most common type of massage therapy. When most people think about massage, this is the type they are usually referring to. Picture an amber-lit small room with a massage table, hot towels, and candles lit. This is usually how this type of massage is portrayed. It's main goal is to relax the body using several different techniques: long, uninterrupted, flowing strokes, kneading, and passive stretching.

  • Why is it popular? In Bourbonnais, just about every massage therapy business offers this type of massage because it is perfect for those who are just getting introduced to massage. Therapists may offer aromatherapy as an add-on to the Swedish massage.


2. Deep Tissue Massage*

  • Deep tissue massage* is commonly sought for its deeply relaxing and therapeutic benefit. Massage therapists who offer Deep Tissue Massage use firmer pressure that works on the deeper muscles and connective tissues of the body to provide muscle tension relief.

  • Why is it popular? It is incredibly therapeutic. It is perfect for those who have tight muscles, have pain associated with tight muscles, or who have musculoskeletal imbalances. Every massage therapist in the Bourbonnais area should be able to perform this type of massage.

  • * This type of massage should be performed without any pain associated with it. The goal is to relax the deeper muscle and fascial layers. If there is pain, this could cause inflammation which can block the therapeutic benefit of this type of massage.


3. Trigger Point Massage

  • Trigger point massage is a type of massage based from the work of Dr. Janet Travell. From her work, Dr. Travell noted various tender points on the body that, when touched, produced a referral pattern of pain and discomfort on other parts of the body. For example, when you apply pressure to a tender spot on the back shoulder and it refers pain and tenderness to the front of the shoulder. The goal of this type of work is to hold sustained, deeper pressure on the trigger point until it releases tension. Pressure is applied anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

  • Why is it popular? This type of massage is perfect for reducing chronic pain associated with these tender areas on the body.


4. Prenatal Massage Therapy

  • Prenatal massage is offered to soon-to-be mothers. This type of massage is different in that the client will be side-lying on the table (vs. directly lying on back or stomach).

  • Why is it popular? This position makes massaging the hips, legs, and shoulders easier for the soon-to-be mama! Women who are pregnant need extra attention to the shoulders, hips, and feet and the side-lying position is great for that!


Uncommon Types of Massage Therapy Offered in Bourbonnais, Illinois

  1. Clinical/Medical Massage Therapy

  • Clinical, or Medical, Massage therapy is uncommonly found in Bourbonnais. To my knowledge, there are only 2 therapists in town that offer this highly specialized type of massage therapy (Yes, I am one of them).

  • The duration of this type of massage is not time-based but rather outcome-based. The goals are to balance postural imbalances and stretch out and realign short, tight muscles and strengthen overstretched, weak muscles. Techniques used for this type of massage are different than the relaxing nature of other types of massage therapy described above. These techniques include cross-fiber friction, fascial spreading, stretching, eccentric scar tissue alignment, and assessing and reassessing range of motion. The appointment will then conclude with teaching the client stretching and strengthening exercises to continue care at home.

  • Why is this type of massage beneficial? Think of clinical massage as massage with a clinical purpose. Clinical massage therapy works to help a certain condition such as frozen shoulder. After an extensive postural assessment and other muscle testing, a treatment plan is compiled in hopes of treating the condition. You do not undress for this type of massage: women may wear a tank top, sports bra and shorts while men may just want to wear a pair of workout shorts.


Thanks for reading about common and uncommon types of massage therapy offered in Bourbonnais, Illinois! This should give you a great idea about what types of massage therapy services to expect in our area. Please, let me know know if you have any questions!

If you would like to schedule a massage, please click HERE or visit "Massage Therapy" under the "Services" tab on my website:

Here for all of your health needs,

Brianna Mesenbring, MS, LMT, LDN, CNS

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Clinical Nutritionist

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