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Rediscover Your Vibrant, Balanced Energy That Seems to Have Disappeared

This 4-week mindful plan is designed to zero in on your body's unique carb needs.


You can ditch the carb confusion for good and finally understand what feels good for your body.

We are currently finishing up our first cohort of Your Carb Companion.
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Do you remember a time when you weren't worried about how many carbs you should be eating?

You've tried it all...


Paleo, Whole 30, Keto, Low Carb, Mediterranean Diet, Atkins, high-intensity interval changing, restricting calories, restricting carbs, starving yourself all day so you can go out with friends later that evening...

....but you still have no idea how many carbs you should be eating or what feels good in your body.

What you probably didn't learn while going through these restrictive programs is what felt right for your body, for your season of life, for your unique health challenges.

You search, year after year, hoping that this new diet is "going to be the one" that finally gets you the results that you want.

Yet, year after year, you get defeated and you feel like you are never going to figure it out.

You throw your hands up, say "Screw it!" and snuggle up with your bag of Doritos.

You want weight loss, more energy, improved overall health, balanced hormones, to control hunger and sugar cravings, and to manage inflammation...

...but, you've realized you want to approach your health differently this time.

What hasn't worked for you this far?

  • restrictive mindset around food, health, your body

  • counting calories

  • managing your macros

  • jumping on trends that you've found on Instagram or tik tok

  • following the advice your aunt gave you

  • finding that "quick fix" solution that you know is not out there

What has worked for the hundreds of women we've helped reach their goals?

  • learning what carbs, fats, proteins are and how and why they are an important part of your diet

  • getting a deep understanding of how to balance your blood sugar without any restriction

  • learning to come home to their bodies again - to love themselves unconditionally

  • learning to spot dangerous "health trends" circulating on social media

We are currently finishing up our first cohort of Your Carb Companion.
Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about open enrollment and early bird discounts.

Which of these symptoms are you currently experiencing?

Symptoms of low blood sugar:

  • Experience light-headedness when meals are skipped

  • intense cravings for sweets in between meals

  • notice an increase in energy after meals

  • get irritable if meals are skipped

  • gets angry or irritable when hungry

  • depend on coffee to get going or to keep going

  • feel like you need sugar or carbs fast because you are so hungry

  • feel hungry again quickly after meals

  • get HANGRY!

Symptoms of high blood sugar:

  • You get tired after meals

  • Crave sweets during the day

  • You feel like you need something sweet after meals

  • You carry extra weight, especially around the middle section

  • It is hard for you to lose weight even with trying everything

  • You feel constantly hungry

If you are experiencing one or several of these symptoms, your body is most likely having trouble regulating your blood sugar.


Imbalanced blood sugar is at the center of many chronic health conditions and can prevent you from reaching your hormone, gut, and mental health goals.

To learn more about regulating your blood sugar and strategies to jump-start your health goals, sign up for the 5-Day Blood Sugar Regulation Series.

We have helped hundreds of women rediscover their energy, beat brain fog, kick headaches in the butt, and by doing so in a way that helps them come home to their bodies again.

Welcome to

Your Carb Companion


YCC Includes...


  • Weekly deep dive into a topic

  • Done for you weekly menus

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack Ideas

  • Handouts that help you discover your "sweet point" of carb intake

  • Lecture slides so you can print them out

  • Private Facebook group to drive community and connection

  • Guest lecturer for Week 4

  • Weekly Lives with Bri on Facebook to answer questions

  • Several cooking demonstrations to give you 'kitchen confidence'

We are currently finishing up our first cohort of Your Carb Companion.
Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about open enrollment and early bird discounts.

     This is Bri.

  • I understand what it's like to live a fast-paced life, often sacrificing consistent meal times for work responsibilities, social obligations, or gym time which results in zero energy, headaches, hanger, and exhaustion.

  • I've helped over 550+ women on their health journeys and have seen firsthand what balancing blood sugars can do to improve overall health, moods, digestion, and hormones.

  • At my core, I am a free spirit, nutrition science-loving, collector of experiences who has a big heart for helping women build their health from the inside out. I'm on a journey to help women see their internal beauty while guiding them toward true wellness.

"Brianna has helped me immensely with blood sugar balancing and my overall relationship to food. I'm starting to see my body as an incredible vessel capable of amazing things if I fuel it well and Bri's insightful recommendations are a huge reason why that's become my reality."
  • How long do I get access to YCC for?
    This program is meant to be completed in 4 weeks; however, you will have access to the course for an additional 1 month after the course ends. Feel free to download and save any and all of the course material for future reference.
  • Can I join YCC if I am vegetarian or vegan?
    Absolutely! We have meal plans that are tailored to vegetarians and can easily be made vegan by making simple swaps.
  • Can I join this program if I am pre-diabetic or diabetic?
    Yes. However, we strongly recommend that you are in contact with your doctor about your current dietary practices and work with them to monitor and manage your medications accordingly.
  • Will I lose weight during this program?
    Your Carb Companion is designed to help you discover how many carbs feel right for your body. Some folks who have joined this course have lost weight but also gained body confidence and a greater awareness of what they need to stay energized. Others have gone through this program and have gained weight (they are the ones who were usually underconsuming calories/carbs for their body). But, once their body felt like a safe and consistent supply of energy was coming in, they lost the weight they were originally looking to lose.
  • Do I need to join Facebook to join this program?
    Although participating in the Facebook group gives participants more resources and a greater sense of connection and community, being on Facebook is not required for this program.
  • How is the program delivered?
    Please note: YCC will continue to undergo updates and changes as Brianna sees fit. Presently, YCC is composed of pre-recorded lectures that open on each Tuesday of the week for 4 weeks. There is 4 weeks of education with many additional "Pre-Work" modules. All videos are accompanied with their respective slides and additional handouts to help clarify main talking points.
  • What is the time commitment each week?
    Presently, the time commitment for each week of YCC is around 90 minutes. Broken down, that's roughly 12 minutes per day. Since the program is already recorded, you can listen to it anywhere - on your commute, on your daily walks, on the train, waiting for the bus, waiting at your doctors - anywhere!

Before you throw $1,000s at functional lab testing...

The Modern Nutritionist private practice exists to help women get to the bottom of their persistent gut and hormone concerns. Initial lab assessment can cost you $1,000s and most of the time, these practitioners will not even address health fundamentals.

Make the investment.
You are worth it.

Your Carb Companion online program is $197

Brianna has found that with the dietary changes, mindset work, mindfulness practices, and lifestyle interventions presented in YCC - a lot of gut symptoms are resolved - without unnecessary lab testing.

Join Your Carb Companion | $197

Due to the format of this course, we cannot offer a refund of any kind at this time.

We are currently finishing up our first cohort of Your Carb Companion.
Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about open enrollment and early bird discounts.
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