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Welcome to
The Modern Acne Clinic

Come for the clear skin, stay for the positive vibes.

The Modern Acne Clinic Approach to

Clearing Stubborn Acne

CLEAR Approach to Healing Acne

Clean Up the Gut + Diet

When biodiversity is low, opportunistic bacteria can wreak havoc on your gut. Optimize and strengthen gut function by getting in-depth stool tests done. Cleaning up the diet by removing common food triggers will be an important step in your acne healing journey.

Leverage Stress

Stress will always be there. You can't ignore it, you can't fight it, so you have to learn to make friends with it. Learn practical strategies to keep your fight + flight, free + flirty.

Encourage Microbial Diversity

A diverse microbiome is a happy one. Period. Diversity is Queen, we will use food and supplement support to help your bugs thrive!

Assess Hormones

Not just sex hormones - cortisol and insulin need to be accounted for too. Comprehensive hormone testing gives us a snapshot of how your body is dealing with stress and hormonal fluctuations.

Restore Confidence

Dealing with acne zaps confidence and self-esteem. Our providers are trained in self-compassion and are trauma-informed. We believe your history is what makes you beautiful.

Set Up a Call to Book Your Complete Acne Package

What's Included in the Complete Acne Package?

Clinical Appointments with a Functional Medicine Practitioner

Access to On-Demand Educational Modules

  • 1 (one) Initial Consultation lasting between 75-90 minutes

  • 1 (one) Report of Findings + Personalized Treatment Plan - 60 minutes

  • 2 (two) Follow Up Appointments/Check Ins - 30 minutes each

In-Depth Blood + Functional Laboratory Testing

  • 1 (one) GI MAP Stool Test, $320

  • 1 (one) Organic Acid Test (OAT), $320

  • Comprehensive blood test to assess inflammation, hormones, glucose regulation, vitamin + mineral status, electrolyte balance, kidney function, liver health, + more! $150-300+

  • How to eat for gut health

  • How to eat to heal acne

  • Fats and inflammation

  • Carbohydrates and energy

  • HPA Axis + Stress

  • Product recommendations for acne + other chronic skin issues

Weekly Modern Skin

Get weekly insight into all things skin, gut, and hormone health.

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