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The Modern Nutritionist accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare for Nutrition Services.
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PLEASE NOTE: The Modern Nutritionist is only available to see patients who reside in Illinois

Bri Mesenbring, CNS, LDN

One-on-One Nutrition Services

We offer completely individualized functional nutrition services for women who are looking to get to the root cause of their acne and chronic gut health concerns.

Forget treatments aimed at masking symptoms and say hello to real answers about your health.

Most of our patients note an improvement in their symptoms in just a few visits.

Let's work together to resolve your most stubborn symptoms - like painful acne, fatigue, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, gas, anxiety, depression, or stress.

You will leave feeling empowered about your health and have a comprehensive plan that details how to start feeling better right away.

Initial Consultation

Visit 1:

This is the information gathering appointment. You will have time to tell your entire story and we will begin to make connections between your history, diet, hormones and your skin health. Initial lab recommendations will be discussed and sent to you.

Labs to be ordered includes a comprehensive blood panel, stool test, and an organic acids test.


Visit 2-3:

Once all of your lab data is analyzed, we will go through a comprehensive report of findings and you will be given your personalized treatment plan! Exciting!

Ongoing Education
+ Support

Visit 4-16+ :

After you receive your treatment plan, you will begin implementing it. We will check in regularly for the first 2-3 months until you feel confident.

Access to online learning modules are available and include:

anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, environmental health, stress management, emotional eating, blood sugar balancing, eating to support gut health, and so much more!

The Flow of Appointments

Weekly Modern Skin

Get weekly insight into all things skin, gut, and hormone health.

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